Limiting yourself to only one favicon in a website does not take advantage of all of your branding potential. This WordPress plugin allows you to set a favicon for any page, post, or custom post type.

Simple Interface

We’ve positioned the controls for this plugin within the right column to make to not interrupt your normal content creation workflow. If you don’t wish to set a favicon simply leave all of the settings at their default.

You have three options to set when setting up your : the image, icon background color, and a theme color.

Use Cases

Creative individuals will certainly find interesting ways to use this plugin, but we have identified a few opportunities for when this plugin can add to your website’s overall design.

Targeted Landing Pages and S.P.A.s
When generating marketing content targeted at specific audiences you may want to use a different favicon for these pages or applications. This can help differentiate the page from your other pages both in a browser session and in a user’s bookmarks.

Marketplaces and Blogs
Hosting a product marketplace or blog with this plugin empowers your content authors to set their own custom favicon, separating their work from others within the website. In a marketplace where your partners are trying to stand apart this gives them an additional way to make that happen.

Design Aesthetic
Tailor the favicon to your page’s content to highlight its unique appeal and create your own design aesthetic that suits your brand.

Usage Instructions

Once activated pfavicon settings are available on every page and post. Existing pages and posts will not automatically assign a favicon, you are able to do this on the pages you wish to change.

When editing or creating a page or post the pfavicon settings will be near the settings for the featured image. On desktop this is generally the right side of the page, but on tablets and mobile this may be further down the page.

To attach an image, click the “Set favicon image” link to open the WordPress Media Picker. From here you should choose any PNG, JPG, JPEG, or GIF image you want to use as the favicon for the current page/post. The color settings relate to the Windows Mobile and Android platforms where you are able to set a color that will be used along with your icon. It is a good idea to set these to a color that compliments the icon to maintain an appealing appearance. You must save your changes or the favicon will not be assigned. Auto-save does not save your favicon choice.

To remove a favicon image you have assigned to the current page/post click the “Remove favicon image” link and save. The favicon will be removed from the page and all of the generated files will be removed from the server. Auto-save does not save your favicon choice, so it is important to remember save your work.

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