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The Form Bouncer plugin is available on slipperysource.com in several variations that depend on how many WordPress sites you may want to use the plugin. At time of this writing there are options for one site, five sites, and an unlimited number of installs typically purchased by agencies and developers.

After making a decision for which variant works best for you and adding it to your cart, you may then complete the purchasing process if that is the only product you will need.

To complete the purchasing process you will need to provide payment for your selected version of the plugin. All payments are processed through Stripe.

Product License Code

After your payment is processed you’d be taken to a screen where you may download your copy of the Forms Bouncer plugin. On this screen you will also be given the license code that you’ll need to activate the plugin on your WordPress website.

In addition to these options being available on the post-payment screen you will also receive an email containing a download link for the Forms Bouncer plugin and your license code. Please keep this email for the future just in case you must use the license on another website.

If for any reason you are unable to locate your license code after purchase please reach out to us as support@slipperysource.com for support in retrieving it for you.