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Protect your WPForms without requiring a WordPress login.

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Introducing the Forms Bouncer for WPForms plugin – a great solution for keeping your forms hidden from anyone that should not see them without verification. Hide your forms from view until the user enters the correct passphrase, ensuring that only authorized individuals have access to the form and its contents.

With easy installation and simple shortcode setup, the Form Bouncer plugin is the perfect solution for businesses, organizations, influencers, and individuals who need to keep their forms safe from spamming. The plugin is compatible with all versions of WordPress and works seamlessly with any form created using the WPForms plugin.

The plugin has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to set up and customize passphrases for each form. With the ability to set different passphrases for different forms and the added flexibility of modifying multiple attributes via  shortcodes, you can ensure that only the right people have access to the right forms.

The Forms Bouncer plugin also includes advanced features such as the ability to set an expiration date to blocking the form. If you only want to temporarily restrict access the plugin will hide your form, and then show your form after the set date. It will do this without the need to go back and remove the shortcode from your page, cutting down on maintenance of your website.

With the Forms Bouncer plugin you can rest easy knowing that your forms are secure from unauthorized access.

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Questions Asked Frequently

No, the Forms Bouncer plugin supports both WPForms Pro and WPForms Lite the same, so regardless which you use you’ll get the same level or protection.

No accounts are needed, just provide your users the passcode and they will be able to see your WPForm.

Yes, if you have multiple WPForms on a single page/post you will be able to add a Forms Bounder instance for each WPForm. It does not automatically effect a form, you must tell it which form to target.


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