pFavicon for Wordpress


pFavicon gives users the ability to set a favicon at the page and post level.



pFavicon for WordPress gives you and your users the ability to set a favicon at the page and post level. Historically this was only set once for the entire website and would mean having one favicon for every page in a website. Being able to set this per page and post empowers a deeper level of customization that presents a number of opportunities.

Set your content and authors apart from other browser tabs, even those from the same website.

Some additional uses:

  • Marketing and targeted landing pages given a favicon relevant to the content, category, or author
  • Single Page Applications (SPAs) saved on mobile will have an icon better representing its intent
  • Marketplace websites giving vendors the ability to change the icon for their product pages
  • Adding a fun enhancement to blog posts


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No, there is no SEO or significant performance impact to a website by having multiple favicons defined on pages within your website. Other than the new images needing to be loaded by website visitors it does not change any of the content or categorization of any content within your website. 

For best image results you should use an image 558 pixels wide and 558 pixels tall. However any square image (where the width and height
are the same measurement) will work.

Existing pages and posts will not have anything automatically set. Only pages and posts you attach an icon will be effected. You can also
remove the icon and it will no longer show in the website.

Some browsers will cache the favicon more aggressively than others. The update has been made but may take some time to show in the web
browser. Emptying your browser's cache usually solves this problem.